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07.04.24: Added new sticker designs to the gallery.

06.01.24: Added new illustrations and a sticker design to the gallery.

03.23.24: Added new illustrations to the gallery.

03.18.24: Added new patterns to the gallery.

07.06.23: Added a zine section in the gallery.

06.07.23: Added new pieces to the gallery.

05.07.23: Added new pieces to the gallery.

04.14.23: Added a new piece to the gallery.

03.31.23: Completed the mobile version of the site.

03.27.23: Added a couple new pieces to the galley. Also finished the update change.

03.05.23 : Doing a massive layout change at the moment. Things might look a little odd for a bit.

10.29.22 : Finished adding all pages!

10.23.22 : added and finished the gallery section! Added temporary pages for most other sections.

10.16.22 : started making the site! feels nice to have one that feels like mine again.